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سفارة الجزائر ، دكا

আলজেরিয়া দূতাবাস, ঢাকা

Embassy of Algeria, Dhaka

Ambassade d'Algérie, Dhaka

Statement by Mr Ramatane LAMAMRA Minister of Foreign Affairs and National community abroad on the active solidarity of our community national as part of the efforts for the fight against covid-19

“On behalf of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and in my capacity as Minister in charge of the National Community abroad,
I have the great privilege to warmly greet our compatriots living abroad for the admirable patriotic surge with which they redouble their commitment and dedication to take part in their nation’s fight against the pandemic devastating coronavirus

“These compatriots whom their professional journeys have led to many brotherly and friendly countries spontaneously undertake to provide
contributions of any kind in addition to the large-scale action carried out by the state to triumph over the pandemic by drawing on endurance and
mobilization of the Algerian people the virtue of the perseverance of all moments to save precious human lives ”

The Algerian State which has allocated a considerable budgetary allocation to this fight and which has mobilized human resources including professional skills and citizen self-sacrifice are out of the ordinary, welcome the contributions emanating from the national community abroad and intends to facilitate the impetus and noble attitudes that patriotism and professionalism inspire in our compatriots ”.

In this context: “I would like to note, to be pleased, the provision of a number more and more professionals and practitioners of medicine and
pharmacy to travel quickly to Algeria to support the civilizational work that accomplish with a spirit of sacrifice and exemplary efficiency all managers and staff of all health services for many months ”.

Compatriots living abroad have a rendezvous with history today. In the same way that their ancestors, parents and elders were able, within the framework of
the epic of national liberation, to strengthen and amplify the struggle to defeat the colonialism, they have the honor and the opportunity to take an active part in the struggle for Algerian people to beat the coronavirus and preserve the life and dignity of victims of the pandemic ”.

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