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National Day of Remembrance

SETIF – The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, sent a message on the occasion of the celebration of the National Day of Remembrance, marking the anniversary of the massacres of May 8, 1945, of which here is the APS translation:

“In the name of Allah, Merciful and Merciful,

Prayers and peace on the Seal of the prophets,

Dear citizens,

Dear citizens,

Today we celebrate with pride and honor the National Day of Remembrance, commemorating the anniversary of the massacres of May 8, 1945. A pivotal point in the history of our glorious struggle against colonialism, a struggle in which the children of the people Algerian were resolutely committed by braving the worst to wrest freedom and independence.

A key date in our history and a symbol of sacrifice and self-giving for the fatherland, May 8, 1945 was a decisive turning point in the exposure of the reality of the colonizer and in the crystallization of consciousness regarding the imperative of prepare for the Glorious Revolution.

This historic Day was the revelation that filled hearts with faith in the duty of sacrifice and struggle and the light that lit the way to emancipation, freedom and independence.

On the National Day of Remembrance, decreed last year as a sign of fidelity to the memory and sacrifices of us valiant Chouhada, we commemorate the martyrs of dignity and freedom among the best sons and daughters of Algeria and we bow with deference and piety to the memory of their pure souls.

The sacred message left by our Chouhada who, by their pure blood marked out the path to freedom, requires us to close ranks and to look, all of us, towards the future to allow the children of Algeria, girls and women. sons, to be an integrated energy and united force and to be fully prepared and confident to win the bets.

However, such a goal cannot be achieved without dedication to the noble values ​​and ideals enshrined in the struggle of our people over time. Supreme principles which have never ceased to be anchored in minds and consciences thanks to the efforts made by the State, at all levels, to preserve the memory of the nation.

It is in this context that the recent amendment to the Constitution is inscribed, which enshrined the Declaration of November 1, 1954 and affirmed respect for the symbols of the Liberation Revolution as well as the promotion of the writing of national history and of its teaching to young people, in confirmation of the strategic role of national memory in the development of nationalism and civility and the strengthening of the bonds of belonging and pride of the Glories of the Fatherland.

The enhancement of Memory and its transmission to the youth of independent Algeria is the best guarantee for the immunization of the Nation and the strengthening of its link to the homeland, strong in the glories of its past and capable of interacting with realities of his time to achieve the desired success in building a new Algeria, which is preparing for legislative deadlines in June.

Deadlines that will allow it to consolidate the process of national renewal to which we are committed, on the basis of the values ​​of openness, trust, transparency and the fight against corruption in all its forms.

Our conviction is great in the will of the Algerian people and in their full awareness of the imperative to strengthen the foundations of free democratic choice capable of establishing a State of institutions and of law and of building the sovereign and strong Algeria, dreamed of. by the Chouhada and the Moudjahidine.

Dear citizens,

Dear citizens,

In celebrating National Day of Remembrance today, it is important to underline that the excellence of relations with the French Republic cannot exist apart from the history and the treatment of the files of the Remembrance which cannot be the subject no waiver and its projects remain open, as for the continued repatriation of the skulls of our valiant Chouhada and for the files of the missing, the recovery of the archives and the compensation of the victims of nuclear explosions in the Algerian Sahara.

If looking towards the promising future is the key to strengthening and enhancing the links between Nations, this future must nevertheless have a solid base, relieved of all the turpitudes of the past.

Therefore, Algeria is ready to overcome all obstacles, to iron out all difficulties towards a better future and to strengthen the exceptional partnership to raise relations to the strategic level, provided the appropriate conditions are met and the Memory files processed. with seriousness and poise by being rid of the vestiges of colonialism.

Both peoples aspire to a qualitative leap towards a better future marked by trust and understanding, in their best interests within the framework of mutual respect and mutual equality.

Dear citizens,

Dear citizens,

The reconstitution of the national memory and its protection against any destruction, deformation or loss is a major challenge to be taken up, in the sense that beyond being a purely cognitive and scientific question, it is a set of benchmarks illuminating our path towards the better future for our nation and homeland.

And in this regard, I would like to salute the pride and attachment of our youth to the glories and epics of its national history, asking the Almighty to guide and assist our children in the enterprise of valuing the components of Memory. national to embark on building a bright future.

Greatness and Glory to our valiant Chouhada,

Long live free and haughty Algeria.

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