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Embassy of Algeria, Dhaka

Ambassade d'Algérie, Dhaka

The sixty-second anniversary of Independence Day

Today, our country celebrates the sixty-second anniversary of Independence Day, which falls on
July 5, 2024, under the slogan “A Glorious Anniversary and a Promise of Renewal”.
The fifth of July 1962 is a great day in the history of our beloved country. It is a memorable day
that came as a result of the struggle of the Algerian people for decades to gain their freedom
and independence against a brutal colonizer who did not differentiate between the old and the
young, nor between women and men, as the Algerian people paid a heavy price, one and a half
million of their best sons.
In loyalty to our righteous martyrs, our country is today adopting a new path in which it has
raised the ceiling of challenges and won all bets in all fields, internally and externally.
The fifth of July is a building block to construct a new country in which our people seek to
preserve their national identity and social cohesion to move towards the better.
On this happy occasion, I must note the strength of the historical relations that bind our
country to the brotherly state of Bangladesh, which our country seeks to develop in all fields,
representing the aspirations of the two brotherly countries and peoples.

Glory and immortality to our righteous martyrs, and long live Algeria, free and independent.