Algerian Embassy

سفارة الجزائر ، دكا

আলজেরিয়া দূতাবাস, ঢাকা

Embassy of Algeria, Dhaka

Ambassade d'Algérie, Dhaka

National Day Celebration

Today we are celebrating the National Day of Memory, corresponding to May 08, 1945 this day marked the fall of more than 45000 Algerian Martyrs.

Algerians came out on this day celebrating the end of the Second World War and demanding their legitimate solution in independence, but French police transformed this peaceful celebrations into a blood day.

The First martyr died in these demonstrations was the hero “Bouzid SAAL”. These demonstrations which guided our country towards the glorious revolution of 1st November and to the independence.

Glory and eternity to our brave martyrs.