Algerian Embassy

سفارة الجزائر ، دكا

আলজেরিয়া দূতাবাস, ঢাকা

Embassy of Algeria, Dhaka

Ambassade d'Algérie, Dhaka

Beauty of Algeria

A country of virgin sites
Algeria is often claimed to be the crossroads of three worlds Mediterranean, Arab and African. It is also known as the “Balcony of the Mediterranean”. The interior of the country presents plenty of opportunities for sport and leisure activities.
Algeria is a country with geographical contrasts, with great differences, from the green valleys in between steep mountains in the north to some of the most extensive sand dune regions of all Sahara.
In the northern part of the vast territory, a littoral band with exotic beaches stretched endlessly for 1,200 km, mountains covered with snow sometimes until new shoots come out in early spring, and a vast desert that preserves its treasures, the unique fauna and flora that are protected by the desert. In the Sahara, the Hoggar Mountains peak culminates at 3,000 meters, and in the Tassili, one can admire the biggest open-air museum in the world, tracing back the origins of the humanity.