Algerian Embassy

سفارة الجزائر ، دكا

আলজেরিয়া দূতাবাস, ঢাকা

Embassy of Algeria, Dhaka

Ambassade d'Algérie, Dhaka




While I welcome you to browse the website of the Algerian Embassy in Bangladesh and we wait to listen from you in order to improve further to benefit from it more, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest pride in being the ambassador who was entrusted with the task of reopening the Algerian Embassy in Bangladesh.

The distinguished relationship between the Algerian people and the Bangladeshi people goes back to the early times of the establishment of the People\’s Republic of Bangladesh, where, at that time, a unique friendship arose between the late Haouri Boumediene and the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Committed to this heavy legacy, I cannot help but do everything in my power to contribute, as much as possible, to strengthen fraternal relations between our two countries in all areas in order to improve further to benefit from it more.

I do not fail to extend my thanks and gratitude to everyone who has extended a helping hand to me, since my arrival in this friendly country, whose I have affection and respect for its Muslim people. My respectful greetings to all minorities in Bangladesh.



First Name: Rabah
Last Name: LARBI
Date & Place of Birth: 09/01/1956 at Berrouaghia (Algeria)
Married with Three Children

Academic Background:

Diploma of National School of Administration- Algier 1980

Post-Graduation at the Institute of National Security High Studies

Masters in the History of the Algerian Revolution Underway

Professional Career:

1980-1984: Secretary of Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1984-1987: Second Secretary at the Algerian Embassy- Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

1987-1990: Counselor at the Algerian Embassy at Madrid (Spain)

1991-1995: In Charge of Legislation and Treaties at the Law Direction

1995: Counselor at the Algerian Embassy at Athena (Greece)

1995-2000: Minister-Counselor at the Algerian Embassy at Niamey (Niger)

2000: In charge of Studies and Synthesis at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ General Secretariat then at the Cabinet of the Delegate Minister of Maghreb Affairs and Regional Cooperation

2001-2005: Director of Studies at the Presidency of the Republic

2005-2010: Consul General at Strasbourg (France)

2010-2019: In charge of Studies and Synthesis in the Secretary of State’s Cabinet then at the Minister of State’s Cabinet


Arabic, French, Spanish and English